My new found independence

Dear associates, employees and friends,

I would like to share with you an exciting new reality, a triumph of sorts.

But in order for you to truly appreciate this giant leap that I have taken, and the blood, sweat and tears that it took to achieve this milestone, let me take you back to one integral piece of my life as it was pre-accident.

Imagine a man being dependent on the written word. As my responsibilities grew through life, my usage of notes, lists and reminders increased. I remember the multitude of slips of paper that I would keep in my pocket, with student’s questions, errands that needed to be attended to, phone calls that needed to be made, appointments and meetings that needed to be scheduled and financial record keeping which was always ongoing. Every night I would empty my pockets and discard of the slips of paper which were accomplished that day, thereby reviewing and evaluating each note. Every Saturday night I would draft new lists for the coming week. Over the years, I tried to bring various technologies into my life – but I always fell back on my old and trusty written notes, constantly tweaking and fine-tuning this system to improve upon it.

Alas, this way of life was completely ripped out from under me in one unforgiving moment. Try to imagine a whole way of life being erased. How could I even begin to contemplate taking back that which was lost forever? Or, seemingly forever.
So I struggled along, amidst ever-growing frustrations and failures. And yet, I kept on working, always dreaming of the day when I could write again, keep reminders in front of me, and most importantly – gain a modicum of independence to empower me and to celebrate a return to a piece of my former self.

In this context, I now feel fully equipped and ready to embrace any and all issues pertaining to myself. This includes receiving and returning phone calls, scheduling appointments for myself, and looking after my own care. There is no longer a need to contact Mrs. Simes, neither on our home phone or on her personal cell phone, for any issues or matters pertaining to me. Please trust me to be competent in all matters of interest to myself. Should I need to enlist Mrs. Simes’s input or opinions, please leave that up to me.

I thank you very much for all of your help and assistance, and I appreciate all that I have received from each of you. But join me now in celebrating my newly found independence. And working together as a seamless team, I look forward to a bright future of mutual understanding and trust.

Very truly yours,

Rabbi Yehuda Simes


  1. Yehudah, that is terrific! I also rejoice on your new-found independence.הודו לה׳ כי טוב , כי לעולם חסדו! It is very exciting and remarkable . May השם give you the strength you need to succeed.!

    1. May Hashem give all of us the strength we need to face each day with fortitude, piece of mind and happiness!

  2. Perseverance is the key to survival. You have shown us how important it is to never give up. Thank you for giving my family and I the opportunity to recently be privy to this trait for a couple of weeks. You are truly an inspiration to us all. May Hashem give you the strength to blaze through many more milestones. G-D willing I am excited to share in many more simchas. Happy and healthy new year. May you be written in the Book of Life and Serenity!

    1. What a beautiful and thoughtful comment! I so appreciate your saying that, “perseverance is the key to survival”. I could never hear this enough – I, as everyone, needs constant reminders!

      May Hashem give all of us a deep understanding that He is our most loving Father, and everything that He does is the ultimate in good and kindness! No exceptions!

      My humble advice? Look up, step (roll?) courageously forward, and never dwell on the past!

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