Monthly Archives: October 2013

Our Duty Is Not to Achieve, but Only to Do and Try!

This was a common idea that my rebbe charged us with. This week’s Parsha  (Chayei Sarah) sheds light on this fundamental principle. A monumental Midrash (Bereishis Rabbah 61:6) as elucidated by my great Rebbe: There was once a King who had a beautiful orchard. He entrusted a loyal servant with its care. One morning, the gardener found […]

Video – The Biking Rabbi

Here I am cycling with my brand new Rehab Trainer! The purpose of cycling is to increase my heart and respiratory rates. As well, it stretches out the contractures in my elbows. The feeling is the same as an intensive work out. There is pain in my neck, elbows and scapula (shoulder blades). But oh, so […]

Do You Have a Passion for Pleasure?

Ahh! Pleasure… the feeling of complete muscle release. Having no worries, clearing your mind from the whirling hurricanes in your head and heart. Total and absolute relaxation. In my “new life”, I’ve become accustomed to a lack of many creature comforts. Simple things like collapsing on a couch, or having sufficient breath to sing a […]

Continue Praying for Me?

Why is there a question mark and not an exclamation point in the title of this post? Because a few people have asked me lately whether they should continue saying Tehilim on my behalf or not. After all, it’s been over three years since the start of my journey. I shall never forget the outpouring […]

True Tests – More Than Meets the Eye

This week I was thinking about Avraham Avinu’s 10 tests. These were incredible obstacles that he had to hurdle. Steep peaks that needed to be scaled. In Pirkei Avos (5,3) Avraham is praised for conquering 10 tests, however, the Mishnah does not delineate what the tests actually were. Fortunately, the Rambam and others inform us […]

At the play structure

Here I am enjoying the sun and fun  with my family at the park!