Video – The Biking Rabbi

Here I am cycling with my brand new Rehab Trainer!

The purpose of cycling is to increase my heart and respiratory rates. As well, it stretches out the contractures in my elbows.

The feeling is the same as an intensive work out. There is pain in my neck, elbows and scapula (shoulder blades). But oh, so worth it! I just love to physically work hard and energize my body and spirits!

I immediately get into the rhythm of the rotating handlebars and the beat of the music!

My biggest challenge is to reserve my energy and strength for the home stretch. I always want to give it all I’ve got right from the get-go! But then, I invariably run out of steam too early.

As it happens, this video was taken the first time I used the “Cycling Monster”. That time, I was able to sustain cycling for four minutes. The second time, I skyrocketed to 10 minutes. I’m presently at 12 minutes!

The rest of the day that I’ve used it, and the following day, I get some significant aching/pain.

But the gain greatly outweighs the pain!



  1. Gaby Scarowsky · · Reply

    Wow! Incredible! I had to watch the video over and over to believe my eyes! Keep on Rolling!

    1. Such it is with viewing external images. In order to make an impact upon our emotional side, we must review the external stimulus many times, until we can create a bridge between the intellectual level and the emotional level.

      And, thanks so much for cheering me on!

  2. Wow! Looks like fun and a good work out!

    1. To say the least! It’s invigorating and fun all wrapped up in a package of pleasure!

  3. Wonderful video. Waiting for you to get to 60 minutes and more!

    1. You got it – ropes and chains will not hold me down!

      Thanks for cheering me on!!!

  4. I agree with Judy- that sure looks like some fancy bike paraphanilia!

    1. Fancy, indeed! It’s a workhorse – solid and trustworthy!

      It really brings out the best in me.

      I can’t tell you how many times I start biking, and I say, “I’ll never get close to my previous record”.

      But once the music starts pumping, and my rhythm gets rolling, I just pick up speed, and my energy level goes into overload!

      I’ve managed to break my previous record by 30 seconds each time except for once (when I was feeling under the weather)!

      May we all surpass our potentials!

  5. Howard Sandler · · Reply

    Isaiah 40:31 Rabbi! Keep on rolling.

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