Monthly Archives: November 2013

It’s Alive – Never Say Never!!

Incredible, awesome, extraordinary, beyond belief, etc., etc., etc. These are some of the adjectives that come to mind when I experience a brand new physical ability!! It teaches me to always “Keep Hope Alive!”! Past performance (or lack thereof) is NO indication of future results. Because you can do ANYTHING with the will of Hashem!! […]

“Wild” Night out with the Boys

As you all know, I was born and raised in the Great Heartland of Minnesota. I became an avid sports fan early in life. In fact, my childhood life goals were to become a professional football player and a Rabbi. Eventually, I did become a Rabbi, but that didn’t interfere with my continued passion and […]


Turning the Cumbersome Into Cruise Control

Another Installment In, “My Israel Adventure Prep”– My Trusty Helper. It’s the substitute for my mobility. In a very real way, an extension of my own body. The inspiration behind the title for this blog. Should it break down or malfunction in any way (as happens on occasion), I become literally powerless, with no destination […]

A Minyan Miracle

Over the course of this journey, I’m constantly reminded that when all hope seems lost, Hashem always extends his helping hand! Take this Thursday afternoon for example. I had yahrzeit (yearly memorial day for a loved one) for my beloved mother. The Jewish day begins at nightfall – not the following morning. Which means my […]

My Amazing Recovery

Shalom Everyone, I just wanted to fill you in on today’s breakthrough! I was doing my normal cycling routine, but I didn’t quite have it today – I think I might be battling a cold (for me – a real battle!). Whereas normally I would quickly get onto the tilt table for some energetic standing/power exercising, […]

My Family’s Incredulous Joy!

Even your precautions couldn’t prepare me for your incredible email! I burst out in tears and they are still streaming down my face. I  will certainly need a big box of tissues at the חתונה. I am leaving now for work – don’t ask me how I will get anything done today. I will call […]