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Our Amazing Trip to Israel – Part 1

Our Israel trip empowered us with so many important lessons! Before our trip, I felt like I’d plateaued in terms of risk-taking and my comfort level. But I knew if THIS trip would be successful, my comfort zone would expand exponentially, and I would be willing, ready and able to take on virtually all of […]

At the Kotel

Ripping my shirt as a sign of mourning of the destruction of the temple in front of the kotel. We do this when visiting the kotel after 30 days of absence there.  Watch the video: At the Kotel

CTN Torah Minute by Rabbi Moshe Katz – December 17, 2013

Hi, Hope you’re having a great day. … You’ve probably heard the news in Israel this past week. A huge snow storm brought Jerusalem to a stand still! Well something else happened in Israel this week that was not in the papers. But it should have been! …Many of you ask me often about my […]

Heading Home


And the Adventures continue more!

And the Adventure continues!

The Wedding

Things happen…..

We have landed in Israel!