It’s Zero Hour!!

This is it! We’re finally here! We leave to the airport in just a few hours!

A quick thought….

This afternoon my family attended a Channaka luncheon at my kids’ school.

At the end of the program, the principal asked me if it would be okay if he’d wish my wife and I Mazal Tov over the microphone on account of our trip to Israel tomorrow.

I said, “Sure!”.

Now, you have to understand that everyone in that room already knew about our plan to travel to Israel.

So when he announced, “Mazal Tov to the Simes’ upon their upcoming trip tomorrow to Israel!” – no one noticed or even raised their eyes!

There were no standing ovations nor shouts of joy! No one rushed over to give us hugs and high fives!

Finally, after 3 1/2 years, we no longer enjoyed, “Celebrity Status”.

We were finally privileged to become “regular” and “normal” – just like everyone else!

That is….



  1. Noam Steinman · · Reply

    I wish you and your family a safe trip and may you inspire the people you meet as much as you have inspired the 8000 of us who read your posts and watch your journey.

    1. Dear Noam,

      Now that we’re finally back, I can at last get to your wonderful comment!

      We finally returned at 3 AM Friday morning. We were originally scheduled to return at midnight on Tuesday, but we were delayed by the incredible snowfall in Efrat.

      We were told that it snowed in Efrat more than anywhere else in the country. It was the largest snowfall in 60 years, and it snowed more in December than it had in 150 years!!!

      And guess what? Our flight was scratched on Tuesday because of all the snow in TORONTO!!

      Anyway, because of the 3 day delay, I was able to do many things that I couldn’t previously because of all the snow!!

      All I can say is – it was one whirlwind of a trip.

      Yes indeed – it sort of mimiced our lives!!!

  2. Mark Loewenstein · · Reply

    I hope you have a wonderful trip.


  3. Rabbi Baruch Lederman · · Reply

    This is very profound – just wanting to not be special for a change.

    1. I believe it says in Tifillas Chana that she wanted her son Shamuel to be M’urav Bein Ha’anashim (right now I don’t have access to the sefer). This means that it’s a Ma’alah to fit in to others in society, and not to stand out.

      Makes sense?

  4. Zachary Muroff · · Reply

    I’m soooooo happy for you. Maybe you don’t feel “special” anymore but to all of your friends and family you will always be “special” because you are such a gutta neshoma. May Hashem watch over you and allow you to have a happy, healthy wonderful trip.

    1. Hi There!

      Now that we’re finally back, I’m finally able to get your wonderful comment!

      Zachary, you and your beautiful family mean so much to me!! You guys are TRULY special people!

      I have no doubt that your help and concern over the past 3 1/2 years have made a major impact on any growth that I’ve had.

      So I feel that it’s absolutely appropriate to call you the “SPECIAL” one!!! So if I’m “special” too, let’s be special together!

  5. Zachary Muroff · · Reply

    Actually there is only one of me. I don’t know how that other Zachary got in my message. (Maybe my evil twin brother?)

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