CTN Torah Minute by Rabbi Moshe Katz – December 17, 2013

Hope you’re having a great day.
… You’ve probably heard the news in Israel this past week.
A huge snow storm brought Jerusalem to a stand still!
Well something else happened in Israel this week that was not in the papers.
But it should have been!
…Many of you ask me often about my nephew Yehuda.
And like people all over the world, continue to pray for him.
(If you are new to my Torah Minutes?
Yehuda was in a terrible car accident three years ago and was paralyzed.
He was left a quadriplegic.)
I’ve told you a bit about how special this young man is.
But have always felt frustrated because I can’t do him justice.
Well I certainly can’t do him justice today.
But here it goes.
As I’ve mentioned, Yehuda has a new computer system that lets him send e mail messages.
He talks into it and the words are typed.
His messages are inspiring, profound and funny.
But no one was prepared for this one.
Here’s an abridged version.
“I had promised Shaindel a trip to Israel, just the two of us, for our 18th anniversary.
The accident kind of put things on hold.
But I never stopped dreaming.
And when our niece in Israel got engaged?
The dream started taking shape.
Obstacles? To be sure!
But without obstacles to smash through?
We would not be who we are today!
… Then came the shocker…
Yehuda continued.
“Okay guys. You better be sitting down for this one!
We are going!
I will not give it up.
I will not live the rest of my days without seeing the Land of Israel again!
Nothing can possibly hold me back. Not now and not ever!
Ha! I laugh in your face!
Don’t even think of holding me down!
I am so driven, you couldn’t possibly believe!
I will make this come true, with G-d’s help!”
… As you are reading this Torah Minute?
Yehuda and his wife are in Israel!
And while the snow slowed them down?
It couldn’t stop them!
Yehuda was honored with saying one of the blessings at the wedding.
He danced up a storm in his motorized wheel chair!
And today we got an e mail with a bunch of pictures.
Yehuda praying at the Western wall!
… This was a special trip for “just the two of them”.
Yehuda and Shaindel.
But thousands of people all over the world are “with them”.
Cheering them on! Celebrating their accomplishment.
And being inspired by them!
All the best,

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Rabbi Moshe Katz
The Lois & Wilfred Lefkovich
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