Our Amazing Trip to Israel – Part 3

Finally, I’m back! I’d like to explain my disappearance over the short while. And to show you the importance of progressing in an orderly fashion.

I started this post (Our Amazing Trip to Israel – Part Three) a number of days ago, and if I may say so myself, it was powerful and intense. My thoughts took me away, and my words urgently flowed out of me! I just couldn’t stop expressing the inspiration that I gained on this remarkable trip of a lifetime! Trivial things in my life took a backseat – I was completely focused on this post!

But then…… CRASH!!! I clicked on “Transfer” to deliver this incredible essay from my Dictation Box (for those of you who know my friend the, “Dragon”. For those who don’t, it’s a voice recognition program) to my Posting Box. Normally, in a blink of an eye, I’d see my words in my Posting box.

As my eyes popped out of my head, the horrible truth dawned on me,

The posting box was…. EMPTY, AS WHITE AS A DRY ERASE BOARD!!!

Holding back tears of frustration, I learned a difficult lesson the hard way.

Whenever beginning a project, we must NEVER skip a step. We should gradually, but determinedly, advance step by step! Never looked ahead and neglect seemingly simple things.

For example, neglecting the steps of recipe and trying to re-create the picture. Or, rushing and mispronouncing the words in the prayer book to keep up with the Leader in shul.

So now, here is the highly anticipated, “Our Amazing Trip to Israel – Part 3”!!!

It was sensible for us to stay in Efrat, since two of my sisters and their families lived there. We enjoyed our first evening in Israel, eating delicious food and catching up with everybody. What a delight!

On Shabbos, an ominous sign appeared on the horizon. I began to feel ill and week. More significantly, my breathing became labored and raspy – a hint that dreaded pneumonia was brewing.

In my condition, I cannot cough (without the external assistance of “Breath Stacking”). Thank G-D, I am at the stage that I can clear my throat on my own.

You probably don’t think about the great gift of coughing, which clears your throat and lungs from secretions. For three months after the accident, it was necessary to perform suctioning to accomplish this objective. They did this by removing my trach from my throat, and inserting a long tube through the same hole. As they threaded the tube down my trachea, a machine suctioned out my secretions.

This procedure was very uncomfortable – even painful. I dreaded the numerous times during the day when I had the urge to cough or clear my throat. Someone had to quickly call the nurse to section me, while my eyes teared and I tried to hold myself together. And then, I shut my eyes as the nurse suctioned out my secretions. The machine screamed with every productive output.

So, the next time you cough, say a prayer of gratitude to Hashem! And NEVER think that coughing is just a “given” in life.


  1. Baruch Lederman · · Reply

    No matter how much I think I’ve mastered the art of not taking things for granted, I see there is much more to learn. Baruch Lederman

    1. Oh, is there ever! We are drowning in so much goodness from the very beginning of our lives, and we get so accustomed to it, that we think we’re entitled to it! As if we’ve done ANYTHING to earn it!!

      So, the more we learn not to take things for granted, the more we realize that everything in our lives are unearned blessings from Hashem!!!

  2. Rivki Lederman · · Reply

    I want to comment before my father does but i am rendered speechless.

    1. Very funny Rivky! I’m hoping to see you this Shabbos – come on up with Asna!!

  3. Michael Landau · · Reply

    inspiring!!! i wish you continued strength, and a long life.

    1. You too, my friend, I wish you the very best in life!

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