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Continue Praying for Me – Part 3

Rabbi Simes has shown positive signs towards improvement. He is scheduled to undergo a procedure to determine the effects of his situation. Please continue to Daven for a positive outcome.

Continue Praying for Me – Part 2

Rabbi Simes was admitted to the hospital on Friday morning. Please continue to Daven for Yehuda Pinchas Ben Asna to have a complete & speedy recovery. We know that prayer is very powerful and appreciate your support.

February 14, 2014 Ottawa Jewish Bulletin Article – About My Blog

Read the latest article about my blog in the Ottawa Jewish Bulletin: Rolling Rabbi reaches out with new online blog

Our Amazing Trip to Israel – Part 5

We knew we were getting close to the wedding hall when we heard the thunderous singing and stomping. The entire wedding took place under an enormous tent!! As we pulled up, the tent was aglow with throbbing simcha, and its walls seemed to pulsate with the beat of the music! We were totally geared up […]

My 2013 Pre-Sukkot Lecture for the Ottawa Community

Please click on Sukkot 2013 Lecture to watch and listen.                                                                                              […]

Our Amazing Trip to Israel – Part 4

The ominous sign led to the inevitable. By Sunday morning, my LVR (Lung Volume Recruitment) plus abdominal thrusts were assisting me with productive secretions mixed with blood. (By the way, LVR refers to the introduction of massive bursts of air through my mouth, via multiple compressions on a LVR tube– otherwise known as, “breath stacking). […]