I’M HOME, Thank G-d!!

After a trying 5 weeks, most of which was spent in the intensive care unit of our local hospital, I’m now home and better than ever!

I can’t thank all of you enough – I know that your prayers had a great impact upon my recovery. Thank you for following along, and taking action when it was needed!

On the topic of prayer, I’d like to share something with you.

Did you know that every prayer is answered?

And that the answer is ALWAYS, “Yes”!

Think of it much like a river or a lake. Imagine that the sun begins to beat with unbearable heat, and the waters evaporate into rain clouds.

The soil directly beneath the clouds is parched and thirsty for water. However, the clouds yield no rain or relief from the oppressive heat.

Instead, the wind comes, and blows the clouds to a completely different area. In that area, there is no river or lake to produce rain clouds, and thus, no possibility of life-sustaining rain. In this new location, it begins to rain, and the vegetation in this place is nourished and sustained.

The people in the first place wonder, “where’s the rain? Why must we suffer without life-sustaining vegetation? Weren’t rain clouds just above head – why did the wind come and blow them away?

The people the second place exclaim, “thank G-d for the rain! It’s so wonderful – we don’t even have any water source to produce rain clouds! Hashem must have used the wind to bring us the rain clouds!”

It’s the same thing with our prayers. Hashem soaks up and “uses” EVERY prayer. Indeed, there is a positive answer for each and every one. And if at times it seems that we’re not receiving what we asked for, perhaps Hashem is “using” our prayer for someone who needs it more than us.

Comments? Let’s hear it!


  1. Baruch Rofei Cholim!!

    1. Amein!

      Thank you so much for your well wishes – may you also be blessed with all of your heart’s desires!

  2. Zev Singer · · Reply

    And great to see your undaunted determination in going right from that challenging time to speaking at the Torah Academy reception! Nothing can stop this Rabbi from Rolling.

    1. My life is all about rapid changes!

      To tell you the truth, I work incredibly incredibly hard to reach my potential – whatever that might be. I believe you do to!

      It’s friends like you that keep me rolling!

      Thanks for riding along!!

  3. Adam Moscoe · · Reply

    Glad you’re home, Rabbi Simes!

    1. Thanks for following along, Adam!

      I can’t tell you what it means to me to have students such as yourself!

      You are one of a kind!!!

      And I love to receive comments from YOU!!

  4. Thank G-d you sound like you are finally back to yourself!
    Interesting way to look at prayer

  5. So happy you are home.

    Tikvah from Winnipeg

    1. As am I!

      I’m pleased to make your acquaintance, Tikvah!

      By the way, I remember making a family trip to Winnipeg when I was a young kid.

      We were coming from St. Paul and we were going to a family bar mitzvah (Teitelbaums) in the early 1970’s.


  6. Welcome Homw, Yehudah!!
    It’s great to see you back in cyberspace (although I am looking forward to seeing you and the crew in person 🙂

    1. Avrumy – I gained a whole new insight into your eagerness to fulfill kindness!

      Your self-sacrifice and friendship is incredible to behold.

      Indeed, you make a wonderful addition to our family!

      Yup… You are the best!!!


  7. Micah Shotkin · · Reply

    Great to see you back! Nice to see it “rained” in your place.

    1. Your self-sacrifice is incredible – as is your deep friendship!

      Please explain, “rain”.

  8. Etti Glazer · · Reply

    We are so happy that you are home!

    1. Wonderful to hear from you Eti!

      No words could describe how overjoyed and grateful I am to finally come home and join my family.

      It was truly a difficult period in my life – I wanted nothing more than to return home.

      Anyway – I hear terrific things about you. Keep up the great work!


      1. Etti Glazer · ·

        Your Asna is an absolute treasure and a pleasure to have around. May you have lots of continued nachas from her and all the other kids!

  9. Asa Minkowich · · Reply

    Reb Yehuda, we are so happy that you are home! Thank you so much for your warm wishes.
    Fagie and I drove to your alma mater Milwaukee for the vort ! It was very special.
    Hope to talk in person soon.

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