How Do I Blog?

Recently, someone asked me, “how do I blog?”. After all, I don’t have use of my fingers – so how can I type! For that matter, how can I compose using Microsoft Word, send e-mails in Gmail, navigate Skype and utilize Google??

Am I dictating to someone else, and letting them do the work?

Actually, I tried that once upon a time. It was way too tedious and taxing! I found that I could only accurately express my thoughts by interfacing directly with the computer – without any intermediaries muddling the process.

Thus began a painstaking search to regain a major piece of my freedom and independence. Allow me to reiterate the copious notes that ruled my world before my accident. Beyond being hooked to the numerous slips of paper that filled my pockets, I was down right, deeply dependent on them for the smooth functioning of my days!

But now, after losing the ability to keep track of my coming and going, and having nothing to rely on except for my faulty memory – I felt totally lost!

I enlisted the help of my OT (occupational therapist). Together, we set up a computer workstation that was wheelchair accessible.

The first thing I needed was a voice recognition software, so I brought a program called, “Dragon”. My Dragon roared into my life and completely set me free!!

Next, I was advised to get for myself a, “Head Mouse”. I bought a camera that I mounted on top of my computer monitor, and by sticking a metallic sticker on the bridge of my glasses, I SHOULD have been able to SIMPLY stare where I wanted to “click”, and BLAMO – I could click away! Or, so they said….

In reality, I became riddled in pain because it was necessary to stare (glare?) at each icon for about 3 seconds. This caused massive spasms and pain in my neck and shoulder blades.

Of course, I was told I would have to practice again and again to build up my endurance. You know what kind of advice that was? BAD ADVICE!!

The pain just grew and grew….

After beating my head against the wall for about 3 months, I finally worked up the courage to decapitate my head mouse. I had to believe there was a better way.

I then engaged the services of a computer nerd (i.e. a technologically savvy professional) who led me through a few dead-ends, until one glorious day – I finally washed my hands of every external device.

At long last I settled on the simplest method of all….

I capitalized on the power of my “Dragon”! Although he wasn’t easy to tame and train, I finally grabbed him by the horns and rediscovered the beauty of THE SPOKEN WORD!!!

The final obstacle was how to enter my Microsoft password, since Dragon couldn’t open without it.

After being stuck for over a month, I rediscovered the uniqueness of THE HUMAN FACE!!

My computer nerd (now a computer geek) introduced me to the final piece of my blogging journey….


Having learned a couple of memorable lessons about the incredible power of our words and our faces, I was all set up and ready to roll.

And that’s how Rolling Rabbi was born!!



  1. Zev Singer · · Reply

    Now that was a great read! Amazing. Keep them coming, Rabbi Simes.

    1. Coming from YOU that means a lot!!

  2. Wow – Kol hakavod to you – you continuously inspire me – yasher ko’ach!! (I’m a friend of Avrohom Dov.)

    1. A friend of his is a friend of mine! Thanks for following along!!

  3. Rabbi Baruch Lederman · · Reply

    Wow! That is amazing!
    Baruch Lederman

    1. It was worth all the struggles and dead ends…

  4. · · Reply

    You are amazing.

    Love, Marge & Harvey

    1. I learned from the BEST (namely, you!)

  5. Ibrahim Mohammed · · Reply

    I love reading your posts, they’re an inspiration. Keep them coming.

    1. I will I will – keep on following along, and feel free to spread around my blog!

  6. Rivki Lederman · · Reply

    Most animal facilities do not allow decapitation of mice.

    1. That never stopped me!

  7. That’s simply amazing. Would you mind if I sent this post to several nursing student buddies to show what is available for people who need special ways to get things done? It’s good to have information like this in our back pockets…

    1. Certainly, be my guest! The more people we reach, the more lives we change!!

    2. I would be honored!

  8. Annie B. · · Reply

    Incredible story, Rabbi Simes. You are an inspiration to all of us! Please, tell me, now that the shmita year is fast approaching, what do you think is the best way for a Jew to participate in this mitzva? The Shmita Association proposes buying a small plot of land in Israel which they will personally ensure lies fallow thoughout the entire shmita year, thus allowing you & me to keep shmita bwhiddur. What do you think of this? Their website is: THANKS!

    1. Great question! You show your obvious love of Israel and your yearning to best actualize your deep feelings!!

      As a general rule, I tend to avoid offers from websites. That’s substitute for having a close relationship with a Rabbi.

      I wish you all the very best in your future endeavors!

      Please feel free to keep in touch!!

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