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Community’s prayers, mitzvot have worked ‘miracles’ in preserving Rabbi Simes’ life, grateful wife says

Ottawa Jewish Bulletin, March 30, 2015 Edition

Addedum to last post (“A Tale of Blind Men”)

A thought. Much like the men in the story, you would have to be blind not to notice that we are drowning in luxuries.  It permeates us as it surrounds all around us! Each person ought to focus on the myriad of blessings that they’re showered with! In my case,  here’s but a few that […]

A tale of blind men.

There was once a group of blind men, specially hand picked to undergo a battery of treatments, with the ultimate objective of curing them of their blindness. They were brought to a specially outfitted mansion,  retrofit for their ultimate pleasure and benefit. In the mansion they were supplied with a team of top expert physicians, […]

How do I write my blogposts?

Watch this video:

Be happy with whatever you have!

My close friend, Rabbi Lederman, asked me two insightful questions in a comment. First off, how do I eat?  Great question!  Like a good Jew, I shall answer with a question.  Who says I eat? I actually don’t eat all day long. Hows that for binge dieting? Here is how I don’t starve. I have a […]

I don’t ask why, I ask what.

About 4 years ago, people often asked how it is that I never ask why I had to become a quadriplegic with a near loss of control over my body. My answer was twofold. Firstly,I never got angry because to me anger implies an object against whom you direct your anger.  Now, objectively who would […]

Hashem still wants me here!

I’m back (with a vengeance), thank God! Let me fill you in about my unfortunate lengthy absence (from our limited perspectives). As you know, my wife and I traveled on a journey of a lifetime to the land of Israel.  This incredible event took place in December 2013.  Leading up to this endeavor, I worked […]