Hashem still wants me here!

I’m back (with a vengeance), thank God!

Let me fill you in about my unfortunate lengthy absence (from our limited perspectives). As you know, my wife and I traveled on a journey of a lifetime to the land of Israel.  This incredible event took place in December 2013.  Leading up to this endeavor, I worked and trained extremely hard for all the eventualities that would likely occur.  This went on for several months before the trip.

In fact, the day before the big trip,  I smashed my record on the tortuous arm bike.  I did 31 uninterrupted minutes at 40-50 rpm for a total of 1300 rpm. I was in peak condition, ready to conquer every obstruction that might lie in my way.

What occurred in Israel is memorable beyond words. Except for a visit to the hospital with the wicked pneumonia.

What transpired over the next several months was a cycle of hospitalizations in the ICU. Apparently I had picked up a rare bug only found in the middle east, especially in hospitals.

This all culminated in a n ICU stay of 114 days. I suffered from three major infections that almost cost me my life. These were a nasty case of pneumonia, c dif and strep a in my blood stream. This is so serious that one of these would likely do in a otherwise healthy individual. The doctors called it a miracle.

This left me with a trachostomy dependent on a respirator to breathe. My new reality is that I can’t talk or eat.

To be continued…



  1. Great to see you back in the posting saddle again. Please excuse my ignorance, but this post left me wondering; How do you ‘eat’? How are you able to type; or, are you able to type? I ask this second question because I remember you using a voice recognition program to type. If you are planning to address these issues in your next post, I will wait for the post. Baruch Lederman

  2. We’re so happy and thankful to hear again from you! You have no idea how much we missed hearing your words of faith and hope. You have suffered so much the past year, and we know how hard you are working to regain the ground you’ve lost. Keep up the good work!

    1. Oh! Judy! You have always been my role model! You as well keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Yehuda Shavua Tov! good to hear from you again BH, last we met left me with a hope to see you again out of the hospital. Great to read your words and see you have gained new levels of Chizuk! Most would be speechless next to you, eager to read more and more of your special words! a big Hug!

    1. A HUGE hug goes out to you as well, brother!

  4. Micah Shotkin · · Reply

    great to see you back my brother! miss you like crazy. cant wait to hear the continuation.

    1. My brother Rabbi Shotkin I miss you like crazy! Give me a call sometime!

  5. מוטי ובקי אבנר · · Reply

    So happy to see that you are back to communicating! What great news to start off the week -and hoping to hear more love Becky and Moti

    1. Aw, you are so sweet!

  6. Marge Kaplan · · Reply

    We are so delighted to hear from you. You are truly undauntable.
    Marge & Harvey

    1. Undauntable? It takes one to know one!

  7. So happy to see that you are back to communicating! What great news to start off the week -and hoping to hear more
    Becky and Moti

  8. Welcome back! Good to hear from you, looking forward to seeing you again now that the weather is clearing up.

  9. Rina Lederman · · Reply

    Glads to see your back and rolling ( and rocking ).

  10. I notice you have someone named Rina Lederman responding to your post. I wonder who that is. Perhaps we are related.

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