A tale of blind men.

There was once a group of blind men, specially hand picked to undergo a battery of treatments, with the ultimate objective of curing them of their blindness. They were brought to a specially outfitted mansion,  retrofit for their ultimate pleasure and benefit.

In the mansion they were supplied with a team of top expert physicians, specializing in curing blindness.  As well, the mansion contained balms and medicinal intervention to cure the patients.

However,the unfortunate blind men completely misunderstood the noble purpose of the specially equipped mansion. They chose to be self absorbed in their sorry conditions. They actually ignored the doctors’ useful instructions, as well, they adamantly refused to avail themselves  of the necessary  therapies.

As a result of their insurgence, they ended up colliding into obstacles and the very equipment that was intended to improve there lives.

Those unfortunate souls fell on their faces … receiving bloody wounds and broken bones.

Because of their many woes, they cursed the designers of their imagined torture chamber.

What terribly misunderstanding disabled souls! They mistakenly thought that the very equipment intended to heal them was instead designed to their detriment.

Aren’t we similar to the blind men? And isn’t Hashem similar to the designer of the mansion?

Adapted from the Chovos Halivavos.



  1. Zev Singer · · Reply

    See, see, Señor!

  2. Micah Shotkin · · Reply

    oh how true. I want to thank you for all the time and efffort you put into sending out that message(and all your messages). Although I am familiar with the mashal, and I have seen it in the chovos halevavos, Hearing it from you means so much more. Thank you for the inspiration. I find it ironic that someone as blessed as myself turns to a friend, who might appear to have far fewer blessings, for inspiration. Makes me wonder who is really more blessed. You are a beautiful person. thanks for sharing your strength with those of us who need it.
    I haven’t expressed my feelings well but I’m sure that you know what I mean and what I feel in my heart. No time to reword it better. gotta run.
    Love ya brother

  3. Rina Lederman · · Reply

    Wow this story is really an eye-opener.

  4. Marge Kaplan · · Reply

    I found out that in order to see how your computer works to help you communicate you either need to send it as a text message or on facebook. In the format you sent, I can’t open it and I would really like to see the explanation.

    Thank you so much for calling. We loved talking to you.

    Happy Pesach.

    Marge & Harvey

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