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What We Can Learn From Young Children

Being in a compromised state after a catastrophic accident, one might wonder how will young children react and adapt to their new reality of having a father whose appearance is radically different than before? For example, I no longer can give them bear hugs or pick them up and swing them through the air. Should […]

My Golden Rule

This video below explains my story-telling rules. Story-Telling Rules

When All Else Fails, Type With Your Eyes

Enjoy this article written by David Bergman, on the Design Edge Canada website, about Rabbi Simes’ determination and ability to ‘write’ on the computer.  Click on the link below: When all else fails, type with your eyes

A Surprise For You!

I hope you enjoyed the story in my last post! It may interest you to know that I worked hard on that one.  Since I have to type letter by letter by gazing at each letter to form words, it’s quite painstaking. In a post of this size it took me from Friday until the […]

What’s It Like To Be Dependent On Others? (The Wheel Stories)

The following are a few accounts of true events. They are horrific, but hilarious at the same time. Until now I was loathe to share these stories because I focused on the horrific aspects instead of the hilarious. However, time heals, and now I can actually find the hilarity in what occurred. So here is […]

The Story

Here is my trademark story that I reveled in telling to all my classes. I do believe that the vast majority of my students remember this story to this day.  I hope that they also remember the important lesson derived from the story! In Germany in the late 1930’s and the early 1940’s there was […]

My Signature Boat Story

When I was teaching in the classroom  I didn’t impose rules.  I actually elicited from my students what they would need to help them learn effectively.  After reaching a full class consensus, we reduced the list  of procedures to  5 or 6.  We also determined consequences for failure to comply with what the students and […]

The Second Seder – Part 2 Chad Gad Ya

Click on the link below to listen to my interactive segment to our second seder!

Our Second Seder

Every year I long for the time I lived in Israel when I kept one day of yom tov. Now that I find myself far from our land, I grapple every year how to make the second seder non-repetitive and fun for the kids. This year would be no different.  So I devised a plan. […]

Our Seders This Year

This year, we were determined to carry on the seders in as normal a fashion as possible. You all know by now,  that “normal” is a relative term-especially around here!  We  need to be constantly adapting to a” new normal”.  Things quickly tend to fluctuate, so we have to be flexible. I was driven to […]