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My Life Saving Inclusion

It is difficult to put into words my good fortune of being enveloped within a loving family and community ever since the accident. I was made aware by a reader in New York how fortunate I truly am! I was cheered on by adoring members of my family and community throughout my journey.  This includes […]

I’m Throwing It Out There!

To date, I published 120 blog posts! To those who have been along for part or all of the ride, my heart felt thanks is due to you! I have been humbled by the responses! The comments that have poured in have been a source of inspiration and they have motivated me to keep going! […]

A Perk Of Being A Quad Who’s On A Respirator

I can see you all wondering, “What is the perk of being in my situation? What is the Rolling Rabbi on!?”. Actually, I am thankfully off of all the powerful narcotics that reduced my unbearable pain, but at the same time played with my mind! For example, one time early on I was sure I […]

Addendum to ‘A Surprise for You’

My daughter in high school found a song that encapsulates the story I told in 2007! I posted it for you in a previous post entitled “A Surprise for You“.  Scroll to the bottom of the post where it is linked.

You Are Never Alone

This past Shabbos something happened to remind me that I am never alone. Like the time that I lost my mother when I was a young man in Yeshiva in Israel. It was the loneliest experience I had ever known. So many people came to make Shiva calls, but although it served as a tremendous […]

Lag Baomer at the Epicenter – Part two

Continued from the previous post… There were many unusual and dare I say strange sounds, sights and smells all around us! One of the first things we were accosted by were individuals hawking chai rotel waters. Upon asking what that was, we were told that it was the source for any salvation you desired! Then […]

Lag Baomer at the Epicenter

Today is Lag Baomer – the 33rd day of the omer. The omer refers to the 49 days that we count from the second night of Passover until Shavuot. The 33rd day of the count is a semi holiday, the plague that ended up killing 24,000 students of Rabbi Akiva ended. As well, it is the […]

How I felt upon returning home

As you all know, I was hospitalized this past summer in critical condition for an extended period of time. To be exact they didn’t let me out for 114 days. This proved to be a huge setback for me. Not only was I trached, leaving me unable to speak or eat food. But I also […]

I’m driven!

I have incredible news to share with you! As you probably know, I’m still regaining my strength after my extended hospitalization. It generally takes me a few days to recover for each day in the ICU. I’m told this is typical for spinal cord injured people. I dreaded how long it would take to recover […]