I’m driven!

I have incredible news to share with you!

As you probably know, I’m still regaining my strength after my extended hospitalization. It generally takes me a few days to recover for each day in the ICU. I’m told this is typical for spinal cord injured people.

I dreaded how long it would take to recover from a 114 day stay in the horrifying ICU.

Surprisingly, although I am a rightie, and I had always been stronger in that arm, I returned from the hospital with more strength in my left arm!

It was therefore determined by my physiotherapists that I should drive my power chair with my left hand.

So the wheelchair wizards outfitted my power chair with a new driving switch for my left hand! They also completely removed my right hand rest, upon which sat my prior driving gear.

Incidentally, I now happily became more accessible to my young children on my right side!! Now, my youngest son revels in climbing up on my lap without assistance!

My goal was to drive/dance at a good friend’s wedding in late June! My physiotherapists said to go for it! But it would take extreme effort and patience to strengthen my left arm enough to meet my goal. I replied that I was no stranger to effort and patience!!

As two weeks passed with intensive strengthening exercises, which I did every hour, I sadly didn’t seem to progress.

In fact, my physiotherapists told me I might have to resort to head controls to drive.

Today the wheelchair wizard returned to provide power to the joystick!!

My physiotherapists were present as well to assist.

The results were beyond belief! My physiotherapist upon marveling at the results, said that I performed 70 % better than they anticipated!

I was on the road again! I was actually driving on my own!!! I felt so free! I felt so independent!!!

I derive great pleasure in sharing with you video footage of me driving on the road!

  1. Getting out to Drive
  2. Driving
  3. Driving continued
  4. More Driving
  5. Look at that Smile


  1. Mitchell · · Reply

    After looking at the video, I would say you are 150% better.

  2. Yehuda, you are amazing! I read what you wrote, and seeing is believing! You are again the rolling rabbi! I was overcome with emotion seeing you again in charge of your motility. It must mean so much to you to be able to do this. I can’t imagine how much work it was to get you where you are today. Good for you, bro, and keep up the good job!

    1. Aaaaaaw! Thanks for this wonderfully cheerful comment!
      Love, your bro.

  3. Rachel Stein · · Reply

    I was thrilled to see you rolling again on your own! May you go from strength to strength!!
    Lots of love, Rachel

    1. All the strength in the world to us all!
      Love, Yehuda

  4. Becky · · Reply

    Yehuda- you are simply amazing! I can’t wait to see you in action!

    1. And I cant wait for you to see my moves!
      Love, Yehuda

  5. Miriam Taub · · Reply

    Yasher Koach!! Your perseverance is incredible!!

  6. Awesome!
    Keep on ROLLING Yehuda!

    1. I will, I will!

  7. Zachary Muroff · · Reply

    I am sooooooo happy for you. With your determination and the support of your family and friends (and of course, Hashem’s help!) nothing surprises me.

    1. I’m soooooooo happy with your comments! If I’ve learned anything over these last five years,it’s not to be surprised by much that happens to me.

  8. Rivki Lederface · · Reply

    You’re totally a leftie- that’s awesome!!

    1. Idiots unite!

  9. Michael Stein · · Reply

    This is great news! Can’t wait to see for myself.

    1. and i can’t wait for you to see it!Love,Yehuda

  10. Ariel & Naomi · · Reply

    We are all rooting for you, R’Simes! We are truly sharing in your simcha… and we can’t wait to see a video of R’Simes on the dance floor be”H!
    Mazal tov & may the 70% keep growing higher :)!

    1. How beautiful of you!You’ve got a great idea there!I think i will post a video of me dancing!

  11. Marjorie Kaplan · · Reply

    How wonderful. You must feel liberated. Love Marge and Harvey

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. You got that 100% right!the weather has been gorgeous!with the sun in my face and the wind in what’s left of my hair,I feel on top of the world !Love,Yehuda

  12. Ariel and Rachel Fish · · Reply

    Absolutely amazing. Your strength and your wifes strenght and support are unbelievable and so inspiring.

    1. Gee whiz,you’re too kind!

  13. Baruch Lederman · · Reply

    What’s wrong with being a leftie?!

  14. Sylvia · · Reply

    Rabbi and Shaindel, it was soooooo nice seeing you on our brief visit to Ottawa! You both look amazing and the kids were so happy too. On our walk back they were asking me more about how your chair is your way of getting around, and they found it so interesting. And now I see this video, that you really can go driving again. Amazing! ~Sylvia, Menachem and the kids 🙂

    1. It was indeed great! let’s do it again soon!

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