Monthly Archives: July 2015

I Am Back Online

      After cruising along with my amazing eye gaze computer for so long, ¬†I screeched to a grinding halt ūüė¶ This was caused by moving into a manual wheelchair. Although this move made it manageable to push me in the new chair, a side effect was that my computer was no longer aligned […]

Don’t Be A Loner

I would like to describe how the past year has gone for me socially. It all started in the summer of 2014. It was then that I was admitted to the dreaded ICU for something that had seemed routine. However, Hashem showed us Who’s actually in control. I ended up contracting three life-threatening¬†infections from which […]

I Can Still Do That

I want to play for you my Sheva Brachos speech for a very close friend and student. Yes, ¬†I can still deliver a speech although I can’t speak! Thanks to the miracle of ¬†my eye gaze computer, ¬†I was able to pre program my thoughts in advance. ¬†Then all ¬†I had to do was ¬†“press” […]

What We Did (Answer To The Survey)

Thank you to all those who weighed in on the survey. ¬†It seemed like most people were noncommittal, apparently feeling that there wouldn’t be a significant difference whether the painter would put my wheelchair in the picture or not. Now I would like to speak my mind on the matter. The question seems to be […]