I would like to share with you something that I sometimes think about.

It has to do with my inner self perception.

Do you wonder how I appear to myself in my dreams?

Do I appear as one who walks and functions as a regular person? Do I still think of myself as I did five years ago before the accident?

I believe that ones dreams may be inside of their subconscious.

In the direct aftermath of the “accident,” I appeared as I did before the “accident” in my dreams.

Truthfully, this bothered me. I had thought I fully accepted my God given fate. I thought that I was comfortable in my own skin.

So why didn’t this feeling carry over to my dreams?

I began to wonder if deep down I really didn’t believe what I said. Maybe I didn’t fully accept it as I had thought.

Recently there was a change in my dreams which soothed my worries.  At least partially.

Suddenly, I began to see myself in my dreams as a quadriplegic!  But there’s a catch.

Surprisingly, in my dreams everyone knows that I am quad, but I walk like everybody else.  As well, my arms and hands function normally.

Weird to be sure! But that’s the nonsensical  stuff of dreams!

I take this new phenomena as a sign that I  am one step closer to even subconsciously accepting who  I am!

In an unusual way, I actually find comfort in these dreams !

You see, I feel that it is crucial to be comfortable in whatever your body image is.

In other words,  the ability to be comfortable in your own skin is critical.

This concept is so important to me, that I would love if I would see myself as a fully quadriplegic who is on a respirator.

Because that is who I am!


  1. Janet Kaiman · · Reply

    as always an enlightening perspective

    1. Be careful what you dream of!

  2. Noam Steinman · · Reply

    The subconscious is the hardest thing to train. When you get it right, you know for sure that your brain is thinking the proper way. You can’t trick your subconscious!

    1. So true, my loyal student of whom I’m so proud!

  3. Marjorie Kaplan · · Reply

    Regardless of what you dream, you maximize every opportunity to make each day meaningful. Love Aunt Marge

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Awwww, you are way too kind!
      Love, Yehuda

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