Back In The Dreaded ICU

Unfortunately, I was forced back in the horrifying  ICU for five days.

This time what did me in was a mild strain of pneumonia.

Being a quadriplegic who can’t call for help, I always end up in the dreadful world of the ICU. There, the nurse-to-patient ratio is lower than on the general floor.

Thank God, I was able to stay away from that scary place for 10 months following my extended incarceration there which left me respirator-dependent.

I must have left a positive impression last time I was there because all the nurses filed into my room to joyfully welcome me back!

It was good see my old friends, though I would have preferred to have seen them at any other place!

Because of the pneumonia, I had to be on three different IV antibiotics.

I must sleep on an air mattress to prevent threatening pressure sores. The mattress keeps on moving air beneath me since I can`t move in my sleep.

This is a gift that I am glad telling you about because I tend to grow accustomed to it and take it for granted.

In the hospital they do have air mattresses, however they are not the high quality type that I am blessed with at home.

Consequently,  the nurses must turn me every two hours to avoid skin break down.

What a joy!

Another experience I would like to share is the time I heard two new nurses talking about me.  They were incredulous that I could possibly be at home instead of in an institution.

This made me understand anew what a gift I have to be at home!!!

I was released on the holy shabbos.  I took a taxi home to be greeted by a gaggle of screeching children!!!  All of our nine children were home at the time.

The jumping, dancing and joyous singing provided an amazing home coming!



  1. GoodBitterWaters GBW · · Reply

    I am scared to hear that you were in the ICU, but much relieved to hear that you are back home. Get well soon!

    1. Thank you so much!

  2. Zachary Muroff · · Reply

    So glad you are home. Now smarten up and stay healthy!!!!!! (Yes I know I have a weird sense of humor.)

    1. May Hashem heed your heartfelt prayers!

  3. Rabbi – I’m sorry you had to be in hospital and so relieved you are back at home.
    I am sending you this song on video … When I hear it I always think of the lessons you impart and am reminded to be thankful for all of hashem’s gifts. Thank you for continuing to teach and inspire.

    1. Thank you for this beautiful video I love Tsemed Yeled!

  4. it just goes to show you that everyday there are gifts. it’s truly a birthday to celebrate the day , your day and everyday. wishing you well to enjoy your blessing, your gifts and your family.

    1. Your comments always make my day!

  5. Great to hear that you are back home.

    1. Thank you, it’s great to be home!

  6. יהודית ניומן · · Reply

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  7. Baruch Lederman · · Reply

    Welcome Back Home!!
    Your reaction returning to the dreaded ICU reminds me of something I experienced. In 1991, after I got up from shiva for my son, I resumed Hatzalah ambulance. On one of my first calls, I needed to take a patient to the same emergency room where my son died. I didn’t think anything of it on the way, but when I was in the hospital, I started to get dizzy and as soon as the patient was taken, I had to rush out of the building. It was like I literally couldn’t breath in there. Your reaction to the ICU reminded me of that.

    1. Wow you leave me speechless in identification of an earlier time in my life.

  8. Janet Kaiman · · Reply

    glad u r feeling better and may u and yours have a healthy and happy new year

    1. You too, and all yours!

  9. Marge Kaplan · · Reply

    We are so grateful your stay was short and that you are back home. I can only imagine the joy your children had having you amidst them.
    Marge & Harvey

    1. You are so right! I miss you!

  10. Zev Singer · · Reply

    Wow, the things you writers will do for a great blog post.

    1. You would know about great writers! You are the greatest!

  11. So sorry to hear of your return to the ICU, but overjoyed that you’re back home. Wishing you continued improvement and a healthy and sweet 5776. We are thinking of you. Love, Jill and family

    1. Your well wishes mean the world to me!
      Love, Yehuda

  12. So happy you’re back home! It must have been an amazing Shabbat with your whole family around you! Love you! Judy

    1. I got home just in time for sueda shlishit!!!

  13. Noam Steinman · · Reply

    We are all praying for a new year of health for you

    1. What a boost that is!

  14. Mitchell Huberman · · Reply

    Glad you are back home Rabbi.
    You are an inspiration to me. Your positive outlook on life that you continue to have rubs off on those around you and makes the world a better place. You have taught me that things happen in life that you cannot control but what you can control is how you react to those things and your attitude. I strive to maintain a positive attitude towards everything just as you taught me and so many others who have been lucky enough to cross paths with you in their lifetime. Even with your current situation, you continue to be a great teacher and impart your wisdom onto others.
    Thinking of you and I wish you all the best.

    1. Wow Mitchell, you humble me! You prove by your words how worthy of a student you are! Thanks for being there!

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