You Could Lose Everything In An Instant

Let me share with you all what happened to me a few days ago.

You see,  I got this cutting edge device that allows me to transfer what I type using my eye gaze computer directly to my blog post.

This new device works through infrared waves that is supposed to seamlessly transfer words to my post.

The key words here are supposed to!

Unfortunately a “catastrophe” struck!

I think a catastrophe is what some people would feel when they hear what happened.

What happened is that the device malfunctioned and it mysteriously deleted everything that I had laboriously eye gazed letter by letter.

It was all gone in an instant.

What a blow to my hard work.

In a way, this mirrors my life.

On that serene summer night 5 years ago, my existence changed in an instant forever .

When I broke my neck because the roof of our van crushed me, and I suffered a near complete severance of my upper spinal cord, my entire life took a 180 degree turn.

In a mere moment I lost complete control over my body. I then found out WHO really controls my body.

With the passing of time, I got in touch with my true identity!

I came to the deep realization that I was essentially merely cloaked in a container which was my body.  I really understood that I was a soul, not a body.

Then, I discovered that the things I had, mattered more than the things I didn’t have.

Hey, I had my life!

And that’s way better than the alternative!

If we can focus on that alone we will surely overcome the losses in our lives.

I wish all of you a very sweet, healthy,  strong and joyous new year!!!



  1. Janet Kaiman · · Reply

    shanna tova to u and yours

    1. same to you and to all of your gang!

  2. · · Reply

    You are amazing, undaunted and undiscouraged.

    Good for you.

    Happy New Year.

    Love, Marge & Harvey

    1. Thanks so much! I shall always hold you as my belovedly close Aunt and Uncle!

  3. Noam Steinman · · Reply

    Chag Sameach and shana tova to you Rabbi!

    1. Same to you and to your heroic family!

  4. noga reiss · · Reply

    זה ממש נכון. שנה טובה לך לכל בני ביתך

  5. Chag Sameach Rabbi Simes. I finally figured out / got around to subscribing to your posts.

    1. Good for you Bitz! I look forward to you insightful comments!

  6. Rebecca Levy · · Reply

    Shanna Tova Rabbi!

    1. May you and your wonderful family enjoy a year of good health, joy and good fortune!

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