Torah Minutes – April 13, 2016



Hope you’re having a great day!
This is a follow to last week’s Torah Minute.

If you remember, I told you about my amazing nephew Yehuda.
And we all know the saying.
“Behind every great man?
Is a great woman!”
Well great doesn’t do justice to Yehuda.
And it doesn’t do justice to the woman behind him.
My niece, Shaindel!

Shaindel was the first grandchild in our family.
Her mom was my sister, who passed away recently.
… Here’s a story that I shared at the wedding of Shaindel’s daughter Asna.
It goes way back when Shaindel was 4 or 5 years old.
She came with her parents for Shabbat at my parents’ home.
And at one point, we were sitting at the table doing what Jewish families do…
I had a Torah book in front of me, reading it during breaks in the conversation.
At one point when the conversation got pretty animated?
And I was participating fully?
This little “whippersnapper” popped up and you know what she said?
“Uncle Moshe…

It’s a very precious memory.
But it’s much more.
It says so much about the home Shaindel was raised in.

Says so much about the great woman behind her.
My sister!
How a little girl had such a love for Torah.
Such an appreciation for Torah study!

And finally,
I shared something that I could not possibly have envisioned at the time.
That Shaindel has inspired people all over the world.
And while she is much too humble to realize it?
It’s as if she is saying to her uncle and to each and every one of us…
From me…
Learn how to have faith. How to keep smiling.

How to always appreciate our blessings.

When we are having “one of those days”?
We should learn from Shaindel.

And besides always being there for Yehuda?
In her “free time”…
She manages to be a devoted mom to nine children!

And as one of Yehuda’s nurses told me…
“I feel privileged to work here.
And you know what amazes me most about this incredible family?
You know what blows my mind?
It is such a happy home!”
… Shaindel may be upset at her Uncle Moshe for writing about her.
But she’ll get over it! She’ll be smiling again soon.
And besides.
This is not only about her.
It’s also about Yehuda.
Because besides all of his amazing qualities?
There’s something else.
He sure knew how to pick a wife!

All the best,


Rabbi Moshe Katz | Director |
Chicago Torah Network | THE CTN CENTER | 2832 W. Touhy Avenue | Chicago, IL 60645
773 761 0400, ext. 201 | fax: 773 761 9262 |


  1. Marjorie Kaplan · · Reply

    How wonderful and timely to get such a tribute. Love Marge and Harvey

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Marge and harvey · · Reply

    How wonderful and timely to get such a tribute

  3. Janet Kaiman · · Reply

    What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful family Shabbat shalom Janet

    Sent from my iPhone

  4. Mendel Gottesman · · Reply

    a wonderful and inspirational blog Rav Yehuda. best wishes

    Mendy Gottesman

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