My Son’s Wedding May 9, 2016

At the Chosson Tish with Rabbi D. Davidowitz who officiated and Rabbi I. Acoca who read the Ketubah.
2016-05-09.32 Shmuly and Margolit wedding

Going to veil the Kallah.

2016-05-09.53 Shmuly and Margolit wedding

Walking to the Chupah.

2016-05-09.54 Shmuly and Margolit wedding
After the Chupah. That’s me watching the wedding on Face time from the ICU. I ended up there on Shabbos after the Aufruf. We made plans for me to get to the wedding accompanied by a medical team. Unfortunately, my condition on the day of the wedding didn’t allow for that to happen. I watched the whole wedding on Facetime accompanied by my Rebeiim , Chaverim, and family members who came in for the wedding. The Tefillos and Chizuk were powerful enough to lower my oxygen support by 50% over the course of the night! From 80% to 40%!!

In addition, a friend took pictures so another friend could print them out during the wedding and hang them on the wall in my hospital room. My wife and kids came after the wedding dressed in their wedding finery – 1:30 am!

2016-05-09.79 Shmuly and Margolit wedding

2016-05-09.80 Shmuly and Margolit wedding


  1. Naomi Jacob · · Reply

    So beautiful, mazal tov!!

  2. Annie Garmaise · · Reply

    MAZEL TOV to the whole family!
    thank you for sharing the experience and pictures from your point of view.
    We hope and pray for you continue to gain strength every day.

  3. Esther Hertz · · Reply

    Mazal tov, mazal tov! Wishing you a sach nachas from both of your new couples, iyh. From the Hertz family, Miami FL

  4. Dr. Sandra Eiduson · · Reply

    Mazel Tov to the whole family; so happy for your Vancouver experience. Since we call the Rosh Hayeshiva here in Rochester “Rabbi D” and he is Rabbi Menachem Davidowitz, when I saw Rabbi D. Davidowitz orchestrated the “simcha” I was a bit confused. BUT of course that is Rabbi Dovid Davidowitz, may he be well. Rabbi Simes, your nephew Aaron found me at Derech HaTorah of Rochester just to tell me all about his cousin’s wedding and his concern for your not being with the family. I told him, knowing Rabbi Simes, he was sad, but he would have been even sadder if the simcha had not gone on as planned. Aaron smiled and said “Yes, he really wants his family to be happy.” 🙂 Mazel Tov on your weddings. Love these kids because I watched them “in action” when you had your accident. All the best and Mazel Tov on your honor this weekend, Rabbi Eliezer Lehrer’s friend Dr. Sandee Eiduson (also friend of Rabbi Zev Davidowitz and the dear Yisroel Kramer)….

  5. Rabbi Baruch Lederman · · Reply

    Beautiful wedding. Mazel Tov!

  6. Got to meet the bride and groom in Chicago. What a lovely couple.

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