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Article about Rabbi Simes by Rabbi Baruch Lederman

Yehuda Simes, a”h by Baruch Lederman, WITS BM 1980 Did you ever know anyone who never spoke lashon hara? If you knew Yehuda Simes, you can honestly answer yes to that question. This powerful question and answer was put forth by Ricky Kramer, who went to high school with Yehuda (WITS HS 1981-1985). Those of […]

The Life & Legacy of My Nephew – Personal reflections by Rabbi Moshe Katz, March 27, 2017, 7:30 p.m.

Audio Call-in to Shloshim Service for Rabbi Yehuda Simes – March 8, 2017 at 7 p.m.

Hamodia article: Rabbi Yehuda Simes, Z”L – March 8, 2017

Shloshim for Rabbi Yehuda Pinchas Simes a”h

Tonight, Wednesday March 8th, at 7 pm will be the Shloshim for Rabbi Yehuda Pinchas Simes a”h.  An interesting, dual program has been developed by the Simes and Vinitsky Families.  Parts of the program will be broadcast live from Ottawa, and will be visible here in the Yeshiva, and other parts will be broadcast live from the […]

Ottawa Jewish Bulletin article: Rabbi Yehuda Simes remembered, February 27, 2017

Rabbi Yehuda Simes will be remembered by the thousands he inspired By Michael Aarenau: February 27, 2017  (link to article here) Rabbi Yehuda Simes, a beloved educator in Ottawa’s Jewish community, died of pneumonia on February 7 at Queensway Carleton Hospital. He was 49. Rabbi Simes had been an immensely popular Judaic studies teacher at […]

UPDATED – Shloshim Memorial Service for Rabbi Yehuda Pinchas Simes zt’l.

Shloshim Memorial Service for Rabbi Yehuda Pinchas Simes z”l