CTN Torah Minute March 30 2017


Hope you’re having a great day.
Passover is coming!
And I wanted to share something that I said in my tribute to my nephew Yehuda.
(If you couldn’t join us Monday night and would like to hear it?
Just reply to this Torah Minute and I will send you a link.)
I told an amazing story about Yehuda.
…For various reasons, after the accident his kids didn’t see him for many weeks.
And while my wife and I were in Ottawa visiting?
They were going to see him for the first time.
It was obviously a very emotional time.
And a very challenging experience for the kids.
Someone had a great idea to make it easier for them.
Turn it into an ice cream party!
This way the kids will see their Dad and also have some fun.
So we went to the supermarket to pick up the ice cream.
And it was very important that we got the right kind!
So we called my niece Shaindel, Yehuda’s wife, from the store.
She told us what to get, and then she said…
“Oh, a very important message from Yehudah.”
(Remember, Yehuda was in the critical care unit.
He was working so hard to talk despite a tracheotomy.
And he was preparing for an emotional visit from his children.)
And what was this urgent message that he struggled to give?
I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t heard it straight from Shaindel!
“Please make sure there’s enough ice cream for all the nurses!”
It was a very moving scene as each kid approached Yehuda and kissed him.
Then, out with the ice cream pops!
One for each kid. And one for each nurse.
But there were still some left.
So what did Yehuda’s kids do?
They learned from their father!
They walked through the corridor of the critical care unit.
And handed out ice cream to every doctor or nurse they saw!
… This story reminded me of a beautiful Passover insight from a great rabbi.
As much as we celebrate the Exodus from Egypt?
In a way, not as much changed as we may think!
Because what did we do in Egypt?
We laid bricks.
And since we were freed and received the Torah at Mount Sinai?
We lay bricks!
The only difference?
In Egypt we laid bricks and built things for the glory of Pharoah.
We lay bricks to build G-d’s world!
Because G-d told us at Mount Sinai what kind of world He wants this to be.
And He told us that He “needs” us to make it happen.
Because G-d gave us free will.

So every act of kindness that we do? Every kind word that we say?
Is a brick in G-d’s world!
… Yehuda should inspire us.
Because he was paralyzed. He couldn’t even move his hands.
But he was a master builder!
Because a brick doesn’t have to be made out of clay.
It can be made out of a good word, a good thought or a good deed!
…It can even be made out of ice cream!
All the best,


Rabbi Moshe Katz | Director | rabbikatz@torahnetwork.org
Chicago Torah Network | THE CTN CENTER | 2832 W. Touhy Avenue | Chicago, IL 60645
773 761 0400, ext. 201 | fax: 773 761 9262 | www.torahnetwork.org


  1. susan schulman · · Reply

    just beautiful!

  2. Marjorie Kaplan · · Reply

    It is easy to forget that the love and caring that goes into simple gestures can be monumental. Marge Kaplan (Yehuda’s aunt)

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