Torah Minute – October 26, 2017


Jewish Inspiration in 60 Seconds or Less, by Rabbi Moshe Katz

Hope you’re having a great day!
… I get a huge Mazal tov!
I have become…
A great – great – uncle!
(There’s some question about the official title.
But bottom line?
My niece’s daughter had a baby girl!
Or in other words?
This baby would be my sister’s great granddaughter!)
I know you’re thinking that I’m much too young for this!
But that’s the story!
My (formerly little) niece Shaindel became a grandmother!
(Shaindel is no stranger to Torah Minute readers.
I’ve told you about her when talking about my Mom.
And when talking about my amazing nephew Yehuda.)
… I wanted to share an amazing insight from a great Chassidic rabbi.
It’s about being a grandparent.
Because everyone knows.
There’s something about it that can’t be expressed.
No person blessed to be a grandparent can explain the feeling.
And it doesn’t matter where they are from.
Or what language they speak.
Hebrew. Yiddish. Russian. Korean. French. Hungarian.
Doesn’t matter.
No words can describe it.
Why is that?
Because if you look at the animal world?
There is such a thing as a “parent”. At least for a short time.
Like a bird takes care of its little birdies.
But grandchildren?
No such thing in the animal world.
A relationship with the next generation?
Is a uniquely human experience!
And because of that?
It touches our neshama, our soul!
Touches us on the deepest possible level!
… And then there are Jewish grandparents.
They are in a class of their own!
Among other possible reasons?
Jews have a sense that we have something precious to transmit.
Our Torah. Our values.
And our mission to make the world a better place!
… I’ve spoken so much about my nephew Yehuda.
How despite becoming quadriplegic as a result of a car accident?
He continued to teach others about life and about Torah.
And how he was an inspiration to people all over the world!
Including his Uncle Moshe!
Shaindel is determined to have a book written about Yehuda.
And knowing her? It will happen.
But in the meantime?
She should enjoy every minute of being a “Bubby”!
And enjoy seeing his inspiring legacy transmitted though his beautiful children.
(That includes the proud new parents Asna and Ari!)
And now, G-d willing, through little Rachel Leah!

All the best,

Rabbi Moshe Katz | Director |
Chicago Torah Network | THE CTN CENTER | 2832 W. Touhy Avenue | Chicago, IL 60645
773 761 0400, ext. 201 | fax: 773 761 9262 |


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  1. susan schulman · · Reply

    Mazel Tov Rabbi!

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