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Recollections of Rabbi David Rotenberg

The Mishna in Avos tells us in Perek Aleph, Mishna Vav: Yehoshua ben Prachia omer: Asei lecha rav, knei lecha chaver, v’hevi dan es kol ha’adam l’kaf zechus   Yehoshua ben Prachia says: Make for yourself a teacher, acquire yourself a friend, and judge all people favourably   Reflecting on these two relationships that the […]

Recollections of Mrs. Jacquie Levy Registered Physiotherapist Clinical Physiotherapy Specialist – Neuro-Sciences Action Potential Rehabilitation

I am so honoured to have been asked to speak this evening. Thank you Shaindel.  Thank you all for being here tonight.   When I think about Rabbi Simes so many thoughts whirl through my mind…..I have many warm memories about him as the young teacher I first met, the friend he became and from […]

Recollections of Mr. Mitchell Bellman

Thank you Shaindel for giving me the privilege today to speak today about Rabbi Simes, someone who I was proud to call a good friend.   I met Rabbi Simes when he was the teacher for my young children at Hillel Academy. He was not just any teacher but without a doubt he was their […]

Recollections of Nathan Cantor – Hillel Academy of Ottawa Graduating Class of 2010

  Thank you all for attending this special ceremony celebrating the life of Rabbi Simes As a former student of the Rabbi at Hillel Academy for 5 years, I feel deeply honoured to be able to share a few things about what made Rabbi Simes so endearing and beloved by all of his students.   […]

Words of Recollection – Dr. Nahum Newman – Rabbi Simes’ brother in law

Thanks for the honor and achsania, I got to know Yehuda, the kid brother of my young bride, before my wedding, more or less the same time that he started a romance with Chofetz Chaim. Chofetz Chaim became more important in his life as events that singled him out as someone special early on with […]

Dvar Torah by Mrs. Becky Avner – Rabbi Simes’ Sister

It’s not a coincidence that Yehuda ז”ל Yahrzeit (11 days in Shvat) falls on a שבת , שבת פרשת בשלח where the mitzvah of Shabbat first appears. I remember Shabbatot at the Simes- both before and after the accident. Shabbat was always a very special time – preparation began on Thursday night – kids showered […]