April 3, 2019

28 Adar 2 5759

8:25 pm

Born to Shmuly & Margalit Simes


  1. Rabbi Baruch Lederman · · Reply

    Mazel Tov!!!!!

  2. Yitzchak Sheffrin · · Reply

    Mazal tov. Wonderful that the name lives on!

  3. Beryl Ben-reuven · · Reply

    Just a wonderful gift to enjoy. Mazel tov to the family.

  4. Mazal tov to the whole Simes family!!! Such wonderful news.

  5. Chanah Minuk · · Reply

    Mazel Tov from the Minuk Family. May you raise him to Torah, Chuppah and Maasim Tovim.

    (I can’t begin to say how emotional I feel knowing there is another Yehuda Pinchas Simes in the world.)

  6. Esther Hertz · · Reply

    Mazal tov to the new parents and to the entire family. May you all have much nachas from Yehuda Pinchas, iyh!

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