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Speech Given at the Torah High Ottawa 5th Year Celebration June 2011 – Part 1

Hello.  Two things immediately come to mind as I look out at all of you.  The first is, this is the quietest classroom I ever had.  The second is that it’s the largest.  As Bram said, maybe there are thousands of you that I don’t even see.  Bram also spoke about the fact that he […]

Rabbi In Rehab

This is a transcription of the speech that Rolling Rabbi gave in March 2011. It is a farewell and thank you upon his discharge from The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre. After six months of intense rehab, which followed three months in the ICU, Rolling Rabbi was ready to come home! I’d like to thank everybody […]


As we usher in the Festival of Lights this evening, we recall the miracles of the past. Personally, I am reflecting on the miracle of my husband, the Rolling Rabbi’s survival of a catastrophic car accident. Every day of the six and a half years post accident was a miracle in its own right. As […]