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And rolling some more!

The printing presses are ROLLING!!

Do you know where Bulgaria is?

Well, I did not! Geography isn’t one of my strong points… Do you know what’s IN Bulgaria?! THE BOOK!!! It went to the printer on Friday. I’m not sure yet how long the actual printing takes, but I do know that once it’s printed, the finished books get trucked to the port & then travel […]

CTN Torah Minute 1/13/22

Hi,Hope you’re having a great day.Please allow a personal note.Today is the Yartzeit of my nephew Yehuda.The fifth anniversary of his passing.(For those who are new to the Torah Minute?Yehuda was married to my niece Shaindel.And when their family was in a horrific car accident?Yehuda was left a quadriplegic.Over the years I’ve shared stories of […]


Yahrtzeit of Rolling Rabbi

Tonight, Wednesday & tomorrow, Thursday,11 Shvat, is Rabbi’s 5th Yahrtzeit. How timely, that the book will be going to the printer THIS week! Four years a go, I had the blog transferred into a word document. I sent it to a local print shop to be copied & bound as a “book” for my family. […]

Finishing Touches…..

Did I mention yet that things are getting VERY exciting???? The typeset manuscript has been edited & proofread. All of the T’s are crossed, all of the I’s are dotted. Pictures and captions are all aligned. Table of Contents is complete. So…. what are we waiting for???? Cover is being tweaked and finalized. Once that’s […]