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Next stop….

Le Spezia, Italy!

See it to believe it!

We found it!!

The book is on a ship named Seaspan New York. It will be making its way through the Mediterranean, docking in different countries before it gets to the Atlantic. I guess it’s on a cruise! Seemingly, this is the part that takes the most time. Once it gets into the Atlantic, it only takes 6-10 […]

Where in the Atlantic Ocean is the Rolling Rabbi Book??

I wish I knew! We know that it left the port in Greece. We have an updated schedule of a few days in to March for it to reach the port in the USA. We don’t get detailed notifications. Fun Fact: There is an app that you can use to track ships. Trying to get […]


Thank you SO much for all of your interest, support, & encouragement. Many of you have reached out to ask more details about when & how the book can be purchased. I’ll answer as many as I can šŸ™‚ 1) When will the book arrive in the USA? IYH in 3-4 weeks with no port […]


YES!!! The books are finished!! 2500 books in the first printing. Currently, on a truck on the way to the port, located in Greece. We have 3-4 weeks till it reaches USA. Let’s Daven that there are NO port delays