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Spotted in stores!!

Has the book arrived in YOUR community yet?? Send us a picture 🙂 For those of you in Toronto: Miriam’s & Israel Book will be getting, Miriam’s will be first. In Montreal: Victoria & Pardes There’s a personal hand delivery headed to South Africa!


Shipments were sent out today! Coming to your local Judaica store – or….

Do you want to know what the cover looks like?

Can you hold on just a tiny bit longer……….? I hope to have an update for you tomorrow – from what I understand, books get released the Monday after they were received. That would be …… TOMORROW!! Maybe that means they get sent out to the stores…..?! I’ll keep you posted.

Arrived!!! Warehouse!!!

This is the moment we have all been waiting for!!! Next stop – YOUR home!!

How long does it take to get from Newark to the Warehouse?

The real question is…. but… how long WILL it take?????

Port of Newark!

No, I didn’t go 🙂 Someone else went for me! It’s quite the operation there, couldn’t get close enough to see “my” boat – but these pictures will give you a VERY good idea of what’s going on. Once the books get off the boat they will be trucked to the warehouse for distribution. Advertising […]

Think I’ll go see it for myself – seeing is believing


Exhale!! but – just for a few brief moments. Next steps: Unload Ship to warehouse Distribute

Don’t exhale just yet….

Hold your breath!!

I know, I know!! Keep breathing – rule #1! But – this is an EXCEPTION to the rule!! The current position of SEASPAN NEW YORK is at US East Coast (coordinates 40.13743 N / 73.16904 W) reported 37 mins ago by AIS. The vessel is en route to the port of New York, United States (USA), sailing at […]