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Reserve the date!!

Jewish Unity Live 2022Celebrating 30 Year’s of Jewish Unity with JET Ottawa!May 29, 2022 at Cong. Machzikei HadasJoin us in celebrating this major milestone. Featuring:Special Guest Shaindel Simes author of the new book, The Rolling RabbiMusical Tribute for Yom Yerushalayim Full Dinner option, Dessert Buffet – Creative Kosher Catering Zoom option with Dinner Delivery Stay tuned […]

Arrived in Israel….at last!!

The books that is 🙂 ….. not us!! 😦 Dreams DO come true…one day….

Rolling Rabbi Author’s Workshop

On Tuesday, April 5, grades 4 – 6 of Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe, were treated to an enthralling  journey of how a set of helter-skelter hand-written notes evolved into a published book by our fascinating guest speaker Mrs. Shaindel Simes, author of the newly released book Rolling Rabbi. In a delightful talk and power point presentation, Mrs. Simes held […]

Happy Pesach 2022

Hope you & yours have a wonderful holiday! Read more about Rolling Rabbi’s hilarious Quadriplegic Matza Ball.

An oldie but a goodie :)

Rabbi Simes’ PrePassover COR lecture March 8, 2013

How many books can YOU carry AND walk while reading one??

Spotted on the avenue – someone walking down the street reading a Rolling Rabbi book! TODAY – Spotted on the avenue – someone walking down the street carrying FOUR books AND reading a Rolling Rabbi Book! TOMORROW – Spotted on the avenue – someone walking down the street carrying ????? books AND reading a Rolling […]

Thank you Chicago!

Our friend in Chicago went in to her local Judaica store…. SOLD OUT!!

Thank You Toronto!!

From our friends in Toronto: We just got our copy today at Miriam’s Judaica here in Toronto and we’re all looking forward to reading it.  When I went to Miriam’s to get the book, the man behind the counter asked me, “Did you know him?”(meaning the Rolling Rabbi).  I said I did and asked him […]

Rabbi Glenn Black’s Take 5

Below is Rabbi Glenn Black (CEO, NCSY Canada & Torah High)’s Personal Take on the Jewish World for April 12,2022. I’ve attached my Take 1:

OJCS 2022 Rabbi Simes Yom Iyun

Over the last few years, OJCS has had a Rabbi Simes Day of Learning as a tribute to the legacy of Rabbi Simes. The highlight for me is listening to former students recollect on the impression that Rabbi Simes had on them. This year, we were privileged to hear from Yona Steinman. I know that […]