Happy Chanuka 5783

Last Sunday, I took the kids to Boro Park. Eichler’s Judaica Store was hosting a book demo & signing. No…..It wasn’t me 🙂 It was Riva Pomerantz. Riva wrote the very first article about Rolling Rabbi, before he became the Rolling Rabbi….Well, he rolled, but there wasn’t a blog yet. At that point, about 1 year after the accident, he was Miracle Daddy.


This article was included in a compilation of stories by Riva Pomerantz.

It was so nice to finally meet her in person.

While we were at it, we looked for some Chanuka decorations. Look what we found!! A quadriplegic dreidel 🙂 Long distance cousin of the quadriplegic Matza Ball!

Wishing you & yours a DeLIGHTful Chanuka!

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