Monthly Archives: May 2023

2023 “Bar Mitzvah” year

Hard to believe, but true… This June marks the 13th anniversary of the accident. I participated (virtually) at the OJCS Rabbi Simes Yom Iyun and Bar Mitzvah was the theme of my message. One year after Rabbi’s passing, I was approached by CBTO to join with them in a Hachnasas Sefer Torah – a Torah […]

OJCS 2023 Rabbi Simes Yom Iyun

Over the last few years, OJCS has had a Rabbi Simes Day of Learning as a tribute to the legacy of Rabbi Simes. The highlight for me is listening to former students recollect on the impression that Rabbi Simes had on them. This year, we were privileged to hear from Brittany Silver. I know that […]