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Pinchas Slotkin


          Pinchas Slotkin March 12, 2020 16 Adar 5780 2:05 pm Born to Yosaif & Malka Slotkin

Torah Minute – February 6, 2020

Jewish Inspiration in 60 Seconds or Less, by Rabbi Moshe Katz Hi, Hope you’re having a great day! … I had a great day this week. Tuesday night was the wedding of my great niece! Bayla Simes. Many of you recognize her last name. Because you remember my amazing nephew Yehuda Simes. (For those who […]

CTN Torah Minute – Seder Thoughts from a Great, Great Uncle

Jewish Inspiration in 60 seconds or less, by Rabbi Moshe Katz Hi, Hope you’re having a great day! The Seder is coming! We talk so much about the Matzah and bitter herbs. And for very good reason. But also on the Seder plate? Is an egg. And that poor egg doesn’t get so much attention! […]

Yehuda Pinchas Simes


  YEHUDA PINCHAS SIMES April 3, 2019 28 Adar 2 5759 8:25 pm Born to Shmuly & Margalit Simes

The 2018 Ottawa Jewish Community School Rabbi Yehuda Simes Memorial Awardee

Joseph Newman received the Rabbi Yehuda Simes Memorial Award in honor of achieving the highest marks across all Jewish subjects. He received a book, a plaque, and a $100 scholarship towards his Jewish high school program. The award is sponsored by Rabbi David & Aviva Rotenberg in memory of Rabbi Simes ztz”l. Rabbi Simes was […]

Thank you Rabbi for my baby!

Over the past 8 years, we have had many caregivers & nurses for Rabbi. During the last year of Rabbi’s life, a nurse named Asfin worked for us. Asfin was a bright, friendly, & caring addition to our team. We maintained a friendly and cordial relationship with her. We exchanged the usual pleasantries but didn’t […]

Hamodia Article, June 6, 2018 about Torah Dedication

Torah Dedication Ceremony – May 27, 2018 – Rabbi Shaps Speaking

Please click on the link below to listen to Rabbi Zischa Shaps speak at the Torah Dedication Ceremony: Torah Dedication Ceremony Rabbi Shaps Speaking