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April 2013 I Can Do That — An Aish Article

An article posted at I Can Do That After a tragic accident that left him paralyzed, Rabbi Yehuda Simes inspires others to tackle life’s challenges. by Richard Rabkin  

July 16 2013 Tisha B’Av

From Darkness to Light — Never Give Up

April 18, 2013 My Husband Became A Quadriplegic

An article from Inspiration – The Magazine of the Orthodox Union Savitsky Talks is a weekly 20 minute audio program with interviews and discussions that probe and explore contemporary Jewish life. Steve Savitsky’s unusually direct and objective approach make this program a refreshing take on the Jewish community’s often challenging role in the world. Stephen […]

May 23, 2013 What Does God Want of Me Now? Rabbi Yehuda Simes’ Courageous Journey

An article from Jewish Action – The Magazine of the Orthodox Union What Does God Want of Me Now?  Rabbi Yehuda Simes’ Courageous Journey

March 8, 2013 Rabbi Yehuda Simes @ COR Pre-Passover Lecture

Rabbi Simes gives a pre-Passover Lecture for COR Kosher. Click here to view.