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How I felt upon returning home

As you all know, I was hospitalized this past summer in critical condition for an extended period of time. To be exact they didn’t let me out for 114 days. This proved to be a huge setback for me. Not only was I trached, leaving me unable to speak or eat food. But I also […]

I’m driven!

I have incredible news to share with you! As you probably know, I’m still regaining my strength after my extended hospitalization. It generally takes me a few days to recover for each day in the ICU. I’m told this is typical for spinal cord injured people. I dreaded how long it would take to recover […]

When All Else Fails, Type With Your Eyes

Enjoy this article written by David Bergman, on the Design Edge Canada website, about Rabbi Simes’ determination and ability to ‘write’ on the computer.  Click on the link below: When all else fails, type with your eyes

How do I write my blogposts?

Watch this video:

Be happy with whatever you have!

My close friend, Rabbi Lederman, asked me two insightful questions in a comment. First off, how do I eat?  Great question!  Like a good Jew, I shall answer with a question.  Who says I eat? I actually don’t eat all day long. Hows that for binge dieting? Here is how I don’t starve. I have a […]

Hashem still wants me here!

I’m back (with a vengeance), thank God! Let me fill you in about my unfortunate lengthy absence (from our limited perspectives). As you know, my wife and I traveled on a journey of a lifetime to the land of Israel.  This incredible event took place in December 2013.  Leading up to this endeavor, I worked […]

Update in the Respiratory Front

Rabbi is making progress in the respiratory area. A respirator is connected by the trachea.  It consists of a balloon that can either be open, deflated -“uncuffed”, or closed, inflated – “cuffed”.  This either allows or prevents air to go down to the vocal cords.  When the balloon is cuffed air can not reach the […]

Customized Wheel Chair Update

Exciting progress!! Stage 1 of the new chair is complete. The difference is astounding – and was obvious immediately! Rabbi is sitting upright with just the right amount of non-pressured support. Aside from a better view of the world, it inhibits pain. Imagine trying to confirm your feet to someone else’s worn out pair of […]

The Makings of a New Customized Wheelchair

Back to Shul on Friday Night!