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A Daily Dose of Kindness

Today’s Story about Rabbi Simes – Thursday, November 9, 2017 Many years ago, while in a hospital rehabilitation centre for my lungs, we were blessed to see a very much loved Rabbi in the halls, there, with his wife and new son. This Rabbi had survived a serious accident and faced a very difficult recovery; […]

My First Post Eye Gaze Computer Speaking Engagement

Sacrificing Your Most Precious Commodity In A Whole New Way!

I am referring to giving up your life when the situation calls for it. Although  this is  our most precious commodity, we are sometimes thrust into unfortunate situations when it’s called for. I’m not only talking about giving up one’s life instead of committing  the three cardinal sins of murder, idol worship and immorality. I am talking […]

How I Got To Where I Am Today

A close friend of my family asked about my background and how it influenced who I am today. I suppose that I can’t be definitive about the influences of the past, but I can comment on what changed before the accident as opposed to now. I spent many years immersed in mussar study (ethical teachings) […]

Did I Ever Wish I Had Died at the “Accident”?

My good friend Rabbi Lederman wonders about whether or not I had ever wished that I had died at the scene of the “accident”. What a thought provoking question! I suppose there might be room for such an inquiry. After all, in one unforgiving instant my entire life was turned upside down. Up until that […]

Addendum to ‘A Surprise for You’

My daughter in high school found a song that encapsulates the story I told in 2007! I posted it for you in a previous post entitled “A Surprise for You“.  Scroll to the bottom of the post where it is linked.

What We Can Learn From Young Children

Being in a compromised state after a catastrophic accident, one might wonder how will young children react and adapt to their new reality of having a father whose appearance is radically different than before? For example, I no longer can give them bear hugs or pick them up and swing them through the air. Should […]

My Golden Rule

This video below explains my story-telling rules. Story-Telling Rules

A Surprise For You!

I hope you enjoyed the story in my last post! It may interest you to know that I worked hard on that one.  Since I have to type letter by letter by gazing at each letter to form words, it’s quite painstaking. In a post of this size it took me from Friday until the […]

The Second Seder – Part 2 Chad Gad Ya

Click on the link below to listen to my interactive segment to our second seder!