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My Golden Rule

This video below explains my story-telling rules. Story-Telling Rules

A Surprise For You!

I hope you enjoyed the story in my last post! It may interest you to know that I worked hard on that one.  Since I have to type letter by letter by gazing at each letter to form words, it’s quite painstaking. In a post of this size it took me from Friday until the […]

The Second Seder – Part 2 Chad Gad Ya

Click on the link below to listen to my interactive segment to our second seder!

Our Second Seder

Every year I long for the time I lived in Israel when I kept one day of yom tov. Now that I find myself far from our land, I grapple every year how to make the second seder non-repetitive and fun for the kids. This year would be no different.  So I devised a plan. […]

Community’s prayers, mitzvot have worked ‘miracles’ in preserving Rabbi Simes’ life, grateful wife says

Ottawa Jewish Bulletin, March 30, 2015 Edition

Addedum to last post (“A Tale of Blind Men”)

A thought. Much like the men in the story, you would have to be blind not to notice that we are drowning in luxuries.  It permeates us as it surrounds all around us! Each person ought to focus on the myriad of blessings that they’re showered with! In my case,  here’s but a few that […]

A tale of blind men.

There was once a group of blind men, specially hand picked to undergo a battery of treatments, with the ultimate objective of curing them of their blindness. They were brought to a specially outfitted mansion,  retrofit for their ultimate pleasure and benefit. In the mansion they were supplied with a team of top expert physicians, […]