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Our Amazing Trip to Israel – Part 5

We knew we were getting close to the wedding hall when we heard the thunderous singing and stomping. The entire wedding took place under an enormous tent!! As we pulled up, the tent was aglow with throbbing simcha, and its walls seemed to pulsate with the beat of the music! We were totally geared up […]

Our Amazing Trip to Israel – Part 4

The ominous sign led to the inevitable. By Sunday morning, my LVR (Lung Volume Recruitment) plus abdominal thrusts were assisting me with productive secretions mixed with blood. (By the way, LVR refers to the introduction of massive bursts of air through my mouth, via multiple compressions on a LVR tube– otherwise known as, “breath stacking). […]

Our Amazing Trip to Israel – Part 3

Finally, I’m back! I’d like to explain my disappearance over the short while. And to show you the importance of progressing in an orderly fashion. I started this post (Our Amazing Trip to Israel – Part Three) a number of days ago, and if I may say so myself, it was powerful and intense. My […]

Our Amazing Trip to Israel – Part 2

I left off my previous post (Our amazing trip to Israel – Part 1) discussing what it took for me to finally board the airplane. So there we sat, relaxed and comfortably ensconced in the metal container that would miraculously (recklessly?) fly about 35,000 feet above solid ground. No problem…. As my wife and I […]

Our Amazing Trip to Israel – Part 1

Our Israel trip empowered us with so many important lessons! Before our trip, I felt like I’d plateaued in terms of risk-taking and my comfort level. But I knew if THIS trip would be successful, my comfort zone would expand exponentially, and I would be willing, ready and able to take on virtually all of […]

At the Kotel

Ripping my shirt as a sign of mourning of the destruction of the temple in front of the kotel. We do this when visiting the kotel after 30 days of absence there.  Watch the video: At the Kotel

Heading Home


And the Adventures continue more!

And the Adventure continues!