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2023 “Bar Mitzvah” year

Hard to believe, but true… This June marks the 13th anniversary of the accident. I participated (virtually) at the OJCS Rabbi Simes Yom Iyun and Bar Mitzvah was the theme of my message. One year after Rabbi’s passing, I was approached by CBTO to join with them in a Hachnasas Sefer Torah – a Torah […]

OJCS 2023 Rabbi Simes Yom Iyun

Over the last few years, OJCS has had a Rabbi Simes Day of Learning as a tribute to the legacy of Rabbi Simes. The highlight for me is listening to former students recollect on the impression that Rabbi Simes had on them. This year, we were privileged to hear from Brittany Silver. I know that […]

Yahrtzeit #6 Coming up….

This Wed night/Thursday, 11 Shevat, we commemorate the 6th year of the passing of our beloved Rolling Rabbi. Our son, Yitzchak, is selling raffle tickets to benefit MCC. The Zechus (merit) of the Tzedaka should be an Aliya (elevation) for the Neshama.

“A Torah Minute A Night” – 8 Short, Powerful Stories to Inspire You to “Be a Light”!

You have read & enjoyed many CTN Torah Minutes written by my uncle, Rabbi Moshe Katz. Tonight, night #6, we share with you a story about Rolling Rabbi.

Happy Chanuka 5783

Last Sunday, I took the kids to Boro Park. Eichler’s Judaica Store was hosting a book demo & signing. No…..It wasn’t me ๐Ÿ™‚ It was Riva Pomerantz. Riva wrote the very first article about Rolling Rabbi, before he became the Rolling Rabbi….Well, he rolled, but there wasn’t a blog yet. At that point, about 1 […]

Rolling Rabbi & Tiferes Moshe

Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe is a Queens Yeshiva elementary school. They are raising funds for their NEW Junior High building. This is the school that Nochi attends ๐Ÿ™‚ As did Shmuly, Yitzchak and even I did! Back in the day the kindergarten had girls in the classes. Our beloved Roiling Rabbi taught here. I invite you […]

Rolling Rabbi & Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe

Remember the story in the book….? We had gone to check out Ottawa AFTER Rolling Rabbi told Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe that he was coming back to teach the following school year. I don’t think we realized just how smitten we would be with Ottawa. We for sure didn’t realize how smitten Ottawa would be with […]

Join me in Dallas

12 years old today!

Our beautiful baby boy. Miracle Baby. Miracle Daddy. Read Rolling Rabbi’s account here: Read The Ottawa Hospital Annual Report 2010 account:

Shana Tova 5783

I wanted to share an incredible story with you that a friend shared with me: Just the other day, my friend’s wife bumped into some women who looked familiar. After talking it through, they realized that they had all gone to the same weekly Shiur (Torah class). As they caught up on each other’s lives […]