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We have landed in Israel!

Next Stop Continued : to Tel Aviv!

Mechanical issues and plane was delayed. But we are  back on schedule!

Where in the World is Rabbi Simes?

Use this link to find out!

Next Stop, Tel Aviv!

In Transit – To Toronto We Go!

It’s Zero Hour!!

This is it! We’re finally here! We leave to the airport in just a few hours! A quick thought…. This afternoon my family attended a Channaka luncheon at my kids’ school. At the end of the program, the principal asked me if it would be okay if he’d wish my wife and I Mazal Tov […]

Turning the Cumbersome Into Cruise Control

Another Installment In, “My Israel Adventure Prep”– My Trusty Helper. It’s the substitute for my mobility. In a very real way, an extension of my own body. The inspiration behind the title for this blog. Should it break down or malfunction in any way (as happens on occasion), I become literally powerless, with no destination […]