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The Survey

Yesterday was our 23rd wedding anniversary! Thank God! For this auspicious occasion I hired an experienced painter to come to our house and create an image of my wife and myself. The question arose whether he should paint me in a wheelchair or not. I’m interested to know what you think about this dilemma and […]

My Tough Decision

Yesterday I made an agonizing but correct choice. As you probably are aware, I have been working on strengthening my arm so I could drive my power chair!   Let me tell you that this has been an exercise with much blood sweat and tears. Unfortunately this process has yielded limited positive results ūüė¶ Just […]

An Unforgettable Memory

About four and a half years ago I was spending my ¬†final days in the ICU following the accident. ¬†My next stop was the rehabilitation center, ¬†where I spent another six months rehabilitating. I had always been present for our previous eight births, ¬†and my wife and I decided that this one would be no […]

Sacrificing Your Most Precious Commodity In A Whole New Way!

I am referring to giving up your life when the situation calls for it. Although ¬†this is ¬†our most precious commodity, we are sometimes thrust into unfortunate situations when it’s called for. I’m not only talking about giving up one’s life instead of¬†committing ¬†the three cardinal sins of murder, idol worship and¬†immorality. I am talking […]

How I Got To Where I Am Today

A close friend of my family asked about my background and how it influenced who I am today. I suppose that I can’t be definitive about the influences of the past, but I can comment on what changed before the accident as opposed to now. I spent many years immersed in mussar study (ethical teachings) […]

A Selfie of My Eyeball Tracking Device

Click on the link below to see how my eyeball tracking device works: Eyeball Tracking Device

Did I Ever Wish I Had Died at the “Accident”?

My good friend Rabbi Lederman wonders about whether or not I had ever wished that I had died at the scene of the “accident”. What a thought provoking question! I suppose there might be room for such an inquiry. After all, in one unforgiving instant my entire life was turned upside down. Up until that […]

More of Simply Tsfat

Watch another video of Simply Tsfat and me by clicking on the photo:

Dancing with the Simply Tsfat Band

June 2, 2015 and watch the video: